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How I've Been Using a Simple Formula to Capture the Biggest Move on Any Price Chart Before It Starts or Other People Have a Clue What's About to Happen.

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Here's What You Can Expect To Learn On This Training

Part 1

Why most people are guaranteed to fail with their crazy indicators and "analysis" obsession!  How you will beat every single one of them by focusing on what actually moves markets and all in just 10 mins per week.

Part 2

How to identify which markets are primed and ready to make BIG, FAST, IMMEDIATE & CLEAN moves that no one else is expecting.  You will also learn how to jump on them at the precise moment just before lift off.

Part 3

Learn how to identify when any move is likely to be ending, so you can exit your position without risking giving back open equity, yet holding long enough to capture virtually all of the profit the market makes available to you.

Your Host

Simon Townshend